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Davis & Kennedy, P.A.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Davis & Kennedy, P.A. is a law firm with two attorneys located in central Florida, with its office in Lake Mary, Florida.  Bradley J. Davis and Lan Kennedy-Davis have 55 years of combined legal experience.

Davis & Kennedy, P.A. is selective with the clients it represents and is fully committed to providing excellent service and achieving the best results for each of its clients.

The attorneys at Davis & Kennedy, P.A. have extensive experience in small and large law firms. In their experience, they have determined that they can best serve their clients in a small law firm environment, wherein the clients work directly with the firm's partners. Bradley J. Davis and Lan Kennedy-Davis work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs, as rarely are two clients needs the same. They are effective, economical, responsive and work at their clients’ pace.

With a reputation for excellent service and results, while the firm is located in central Florida, the firm is fortunate in that clients throughout the State of Florida have sought their representation, as well as attorneys from outside of the State of Florida, who have engaged the firm to co-counsel with them on various matters. The firm represents clients throughout the State of Florida. Davis & Kennedy, P.A. has never placed an advertisement. The firm’s client base is primarily comprised of referrals from very satisfied clients, from whom the firm is very appreciative of their kind words and referrals.

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